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RECAP - Proud Wineaux’s Marshmallow Wine Costume Party

New York, NY - Proud Wineaux recently hosted a wine themed costume party in Midtown Manhattan, hosting foodies and wine connoisseurs alike in a creative and fun wine cocktail tasting event. The company has a penchant for creativity and it showed in the nights spread, as they offered guests a marshmallow roasting station, unlimited wine, hors d’oveours, and some creative wine infused drinks.

The turnout was great, as guests arrived in Midtown NYC dressed in costume ready to mingle and enjoy the night’s offerings. The marshmallow roasting station was a hit, as guests could make their own Smores and even create their own lollipops. One of the nights most intriguing handouts was a brewed wine concoction, percolated with natural fruits to bring out some of the notable characteristics of the wine. As if that wasn’t cool enough, it was served up with a hunk of dry ice, making you feel like you were sipping something out of Frankenstein’s laboratory. It’s only fitting Daniel and Jaye Watts, owners, founders, and head Sommeliers of Proud Wineaux, came dressed as Mrs. Frankenstein and a mad scientist. And of course no party would be complete without Daniel walking around giving guests mixed drink shots out of a shot injector.

The party was a celebration of a rebranding campaign they’re launching where they aim to expand on some of the unique wine tasting events that made them famous in NYC. Now, they will look to incorporate more gourmet food into their wine events, offering corporate and private clients everything from gourmet cheeses and tapas to multi-course fully catered dinner parties, all paired beautifully of course with hand selected wines. At the heart of this new business model is the idea that wine and food can bring people together and create the perfect atmosphere at any social event. This evening was the perfect representation of their mission, and a powerful statement that their new vision is as adept as it is unique.

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