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Talk about the coolest wine class ever! Yep you've heard about it and didn't know it was real! Take it from the thousands of people who have signed on; it doesn't get any realer! Proud Wineaux partnered up with the leading Sake provider TyKu Brand to create a mosh-pit like none other! Fifty Proud Wineaux's retreated to a land of great wine, good music and gourmet mini tapas as they paralleled the dynamics of the world of wine and yoga. Why? To celebrate World Sake day with TyKu Sake of course! They brought 4 amazing sakes that were accompanied by gourmet tapas expertly paired with the rice wines! Plates placed strategically in front of fresh scent aromatized yoga mats, the guests had rice grains and coffee beans in two small separate cups. Chef selections included tomato-two-ways with mozzarella sandwiched between a cherry and herb marinated sun-dried tomato over a fresh basil leaf drizzled with an aged raspberry balsamic glaze! Holy awesomeness! And the first tapa was only the beginning of this incredibleness combined with a smooth and clean tasting Junmai Sake. After a few stretches that helped the gang find true balance, both bodies and palates, we were poured a refreshing cucumber infused sake! As if the first pairing was not divine enough, the green gluten free corn tacos were filled with a vegan watermelon salsa that made each guests feel like they had journeyed to beautiful Mexico! The combination? Sublime.

If ever we doubted if these Proud Wineaux's were crazy or genius, we learned on World Sake Day that they are definitely the latter but even a little bit of the former enabled them to embrace a genius like none we have ever experienced! We urge anyone interested in experiencing a super cool and fun event where you actually learn about wine, this is the one for you. Go and have an amazing time indulging in the coolest wine class ever with your friends and get your stretch on in the process. After our 60 minutes of sippin' and stretchin' we took a super strong but astonishingly delicious wine shot to adjourn the class and begin the party! Music changed, party lights were cued and body painting ensued! We had an awesome time and made several new friends!

Make sure you bring an open palate and a friend and let Proud Wineaux lead you to tasting zen! Namaste.

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