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Venue Maven: What’s the mission of Proud Wineaux?

Jaye @Proud Wineaux: Proud Wineaux’s mission is to transform the mentality behind wine and food. Unfortunately, western civilization has attached some pretty intimidating, dare I say, obnoxious pretense to the wine industry and it’s time for it to end. We have all encountered the shame felt when you feel like you’re “doing it wrong” or have a question and are too afraid to ask. It just makes us Proud Wineaux’s (pronounced winos) really mad lol.

“So, we create amazing wine-centric events that bring all types of people together to enjoy wine in a casual, fun and educational environment”

At our events you will find wine connoisseurs an novices alike. It’s really incredible to experience the congregation of sometimes hundreds of people drinking wine and appreciating and experiencing it differently than they ever have before. We’re talking about a world where the activities created around food and wine are truly interactive and you get lost in the experience! We also love when people make friends, so social interaction is highly encouraged at our events.


Venue Maven: How did you come up with the idea of Proud Wineaux?

Jaye @Proud Wineaux: Proud Wineaux was created by none other than, a “Proud Wineaux” ha! After working in 3-Star Michelin restaurants since age 17, I wanted to create an environment where fine dining was a mentality, but fun and relaxation was the atmosphere. I wanted people to feel comfortable discussing and learning about wine without the fear of being ridiculed or ostracized for any reason. We started teaching classes weekly and it was amazing. When the company launched, there were over 1500 people that purchased tickets for classes in 5 days! From the classes, we developed and fine tuned the art of curating large scale corporate and themed events. Now, we exclusively conduct corporate, private and press events and they are spectacular each time!


Venue Maven: Some people find the wine scene to be intimidating, what would you say to those people?

Jaye @Proud Wineaux: I would say, Proud Wineaux is exactly what you’ve been searching for! So, come join the wine fun! We have cool events like our Roasting Marshmallows and Wine event and they are sooooo much fun! People email us just about every week asking when the next one is! We had a 100 person event August 31, 2016 and the turnout was so awesome, we are doing it again October 26 from 7-9pmAND it’s a costume party. The costume’s are optional, the drinking not so much.


Venue Maven: If you could be any wine what would it be?

Jaye @Proud Wineaux: Well since it all happens for a Riesling (hee hee), I would have to be my favorite grape. It’s a tough choice for me between Riesling and Chenin Blanc sometimes, but in the end, Riesling from the Mosel or Alsace wins.


Venue Maven: Does wine have to be served in a wine glass?

Jaye @Proud Wineaux: Absolutely NOT! At least not a traditional wine glass. As a matter of fact, we have served wine in stemless glasses or coffee cups! My philosophy is, it the container holds the wine without it leaking, drink it in there…even if it’s leaking, drink it faster!

Check out Proud Wineaux’s Roasting Marshmallows and Wine Costume Party Event on October 26th details here!


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