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Incredible Wine Tasting & Marshmallow Roasting Halloween Party

Oh, you felt it too? That cold rush of air the second you hit that first step at the bottom of the stairwell on the subway telling you, “Oh, sh*t. Probably going to need more than just a hoodie for this one.”

Yeah, it’s cold. And sure, as New Yorkers we’re pretty adept at solving weather-related conflicts. We know where to find shelter, what bars and restaurants have cozy AF fireplaces, and are pretty well-equipped when it comes to gloves, mittens, scarves, hats―until we lose them, that is.

“Wait, two things here―1) How is fire one of the essentials? 2) What the hell are you talking about?”

Well you’re just full of good questions, aren’t you?!

First, ummm, it’s fire. Heat. Warmth. Light. General toastiness. Second, we’re talking Proud Wineaux’s Marshmallow Wine Costume Party, the perfect marriage between roasting marshmallows and drinking wine.

If you missed it―shame on you―Proud Wineaux did this same (almost) exact thing August 31st with an intimate gathering of nearly 100 of your closest friends you’ve never met (YET!), gathering around marshmallow kabob stations and wine tasting stations learning how to completely transform their wine tasting experience.

Oh, and that’s just what they do. That’s the whole point of Proud Wineaux. They’re a team of Certified Sommeliers and Wine Experts dedicating their lives to educating people about wine in the coolest ways humanly possible. #NOBLE

Explore their unique world of pairing wines with the coolest foods ever. Enjoy “build-your-own” kabobs, marshmallow roasting bars, and learn how to pair wine with delicious gourmet tapas.

This isn’t a stuffy, hoity-toity wine tasting your Aunt dragged you to in Long Island. It’s not some pretentious, nose-deep-into-the-glass, “You’ve Got to Chew the Wine, Lucille―CHEW IT!” affair that smells of money you’ll never have.

So, get your tickets for their special costume party, Wednesday, October 26th, right here. $25 gets you unlimited wine and the invaluable knowledge of how absurdly amazingly well roasted marshmallows pair with wine. Weird? Oh, most definitely.

Of course, as it’s almost Halloween, this is also a costume party. Costumes required? Oh, not at all. Drinking is, as they say, HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. Oh, don’t forget your tickets.

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