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What's the point of having a brand as awesome as yours and not tell anyone? Fret not, we've got just the plan to showcase your product and/or service to the world. The one thing we both have in common, is that we need people. Thankfully, we know people and they are a lot more receptive with delicious drinks in their hands and amazing foods in their bellies. We learn about your brand through and through and work with a team of great minds to develop custom menus, decor options, immersive and engaging activities, provide gorgeous and tasty foods and beverages that blow your existing and prospective clients completely away. At the end of your activation, they won't be clients as much as die hard fans. No worries, we will embrace your future celebrity and we won't even take a percentage.



Grab the bottle, toss in some cubes of ice, SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE IT into a create your own cocktail. We create the coolest cocktails for you to enjoy and you get to take those skills home with you. Then add a "create your own kabob station" and make the interaction even more exciting and fun.

Including but not limited to marinated meats, vegetable options, even something for the sweet tooth. Our chef will simmer a 

smorgasbord of open faced delectables made by you for you! 

Build your skewer, hand it over, eat it up!


When we say, there ain't no party like a Proud Wineaux party, we mean it. What is your preferred atmosphere? Whether it is quaint or modern decor, old fashions or dry ice martinis, tapas or passed hor d'oeuvres, skewers or forks, we work to make sure you walk into the perfect environment. Let us plan an impeccable 

cocktail reception with lite fare, wine and cocktail masterpieces to impress your guests on new levels. Our attention is in the details and your satisfaction is the most integral one.

This is what we do, make hours happier.


We're convinced, that even for your lunch and learn, you can have fun too! There is no such thing as a dietary restriction and allergies are warded off with our customized lunch and dinner menus. Don't want the full courses for lunch with all the trimmings? Try our bento platters featuring select hor d'oeuvres each expertly paired with a wine shot by our Sommeliers. On a purge the day of the panel or workshop? We make amazing non-alcoholic beverages! We support the goal of your meeting and understand time constraints. Let us efficiently serve and cater to you and your clients. We care. It's the Proud Wineaux way.


It's your party, we're just throwing it! Having friends visit and want to show them the best time in your city? Or maybe you've got plans, but you want to spice them up! We can put your desired event together from start to finish or enhance the one you already have planned! Think about it....a private dinner at a restaurant with good food is nice. But why not switch it up for dessert and let us bring in our marshmallow roasting bars for the win! Or better yet, start with dessert and get the convo flowing early! Cool wine and spirit cocktails, a skewer in hand, making marshmallow food combinations, we call that keepin' it LIVE! Your friends will leave raving about the night you gave them, until you do it all over again. And we want to be right by your side when you do.


The most precious moments, are the ones that make us feel like time has frozen. We cherish each second and never want it to end. That is how we want you to feel when you celebrate your reunion, anniversary, promotion or just glad to be alive gathering with us. There is no occasion too small or memory not worth highlighting. If it's important to you, it is important to us. We go the extra mile, for your milestone. If your face doesn't hurt from smiling so much, we haven't done our jobs. 


It's your special day but it feels like ours! That is just how personally we take your needs. Our images are often featured on Pinterest because although we haven't done it all, we get pretty darn close! We take your ideas and merge them with our own to bring your dreams to reality. From fun activities during the reception, to the floating floral arrangements adorned with hundreds of candles, if it doesn't feel like magic, it's not us. 

If you dream of a rustic, outdoor wedding or even a majestic, jaw dropping extravaganza, we want to get wildly creative to make each guests leave with permanent memories of the best moments 

they have ever witnessed. 

click to download our little book of BIG fun

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we do wine.

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